Bed time Stories and why they are SO special for your little ones!

I am a true believer of reading to your children, even when they are very tiny. With my children, even if I was feeling shattered at the end of the day after numerous nappy changes, the feeding of pureed food and trying to calm the crying, I would always read them a little story.
As they grew, we would share the book, with them reading the odd word, they would interpret how the characters were feeling by studying the pictures and ask questions about the illustrators details that weren't in the story. Such a special time even if my eyes were dropping!!
Recently I had a real "Mummy moment" with my eldest actually reading me one of our favourite stories "The Snail on the Whale" by the amazing Julia Donaldson. He sat and read the whole book to me, from cover to cover, with expression and phrasing that really gave the story justice..... it just made a tear come to my eye...after the many years of my efforts, night after night, many times just wanting to go down stairs and get some peace, but non the less reading with him and here he was reading to me
So Totally Worth IT!!!!!!
So on those nights when you are yet to read your bedtime story and you just yearn for your time downstairs, take a breath and soldier on, find a favourite book and read it to your little ones and soon you will reap the rewards in them freely reading to you and you will have that " Mummy Moment" too.......Happy Bedtime Stories xx

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