Emma Blantern - Author

Well, here is my first Blog as a published Children's Author!!! Its a very exciting place to be and to be honest even though I have held the book in my hands, it still seems a bit surreal. "Teezel and the Christmas witches" was inspired by my love of cats and Christmas, a strange combination but one that has turned into a magical children's picture book. (Click on the name to buy the book)

I attended a writing workshop last November that was run by Team Author UK and Jude Lennon the well known children's Author ran the workshop. It was this workshop that ignited my writing spirit again and I haven't looked back since. From being a busy self employed working Mum and wife, I have added "Author" to my resume!!! I feel as if my brian has been ignited and a large part of my personality rediscovered, its amazing and highly recommended!! So with a light heart, a little nervousness and a large chunk of courage, please welcome my first book to your Children's book shelves!!!