Gardening inspiration from my book!!

If someone had told me 40 odd years ago that I would write a book that would inspire children to get outside, get their hands dirty and plant vegetables, I would have told them (politely) to not be so stupid!!! But today I am getting quite a few messages from parents who are using my book as encouragement for their little ones to get planting!!! to try and grow the BIGGEST carrot or tomato they can and at a time like this when we are all home based, its certainly a great activity to be doing.

Not only is gardening proving to be exceptionally good for everyone's mental well being, it is also very satisfying in that you can eat what you sow!!!

You don't need a huge garden space either, just a window box will do and some cress seeds, and watch them grow. Its a lovely, constructive way to spend time with you little ones too, away from a screen and in the fresh air!!

So, if you haven't read it yet, or you feel your little ones need some encouragement then why not take at look at "Pippin and his Spectacular Magical Vegetables" and see what you can do.....ohh the magic of gardening, with or without reindeer poo!!!!