Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By

I have been to chatting to a very good friend of mine, who is a successful Author and Actress, we were discussing the issues of harassment, bullying and stalkers.

This lady has been through quite a trial, with some individuals, trying to cause her and her family upset and in turn trying to affect the success of her business and her general happiness. She in turn has had to look into why these people behave in such a vindictive and malicious way to be able to understand the situation she found herself in.

Is it due to their own inner dislike of themselves?

Is it due to their own inadequacies?

Is it due to them being SO unhappy with their own lives that they have to spread this unhappiness to others?

Is it down to pure jealousy? Desire to have what the other person has, whether it be the same life or the material goods that they own?

Or is it to just having a plain vindictive nature?

Whatever it maybe, these individuals try to cause unnecessary pain to people that they probably don't even know, for their own weird sense of satisfaction.

What these people don't realise is that the response this wonderful lady has made to this continual haranguing has been to try even harder to become even more successful and to appreciate the amazing life and people she has around her.

There are some people though, that have mental illnesses, who really can't help their actions, these people you can forgive and can try to understand. The others however, those who purposefully go out to cause upset and damage to other peoples lives, well, frankly we both agreed, there is no excuse for this sort of behaviour, none at all. Actions done through malice, we both agreed would eventually come to no good and hopefully life and good old "Lady Karma" would give these people the lessons they deserve.

The wonderful character in The Water Babies, "Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By" is a great mantra to live your life by and one which we were both  brought up on. Hopefully, we both agreed after our second cup of tea and lovely piece of chocolate cake, these people might be wise to take heed of this characters advice!!!!