Second Book in the Teezel series "Pippin and his Spectacular Magical Vegetables"

After a few months of reflecting on the success of "Teezel and the Christmas Witches", I have now completed my 2nd book in this series. This book focuses on Pippin and Gracie and the magical reindeer poo that they collected on Christmas Eve!!

The structure of the book is quite different, being a mixture of rhyme and  prose. The story focuses on growing and how much fun can be had with a simple seed, some soil, sun and a spot of water!! The main theme of the story however is about sharing and telling the truth. So for the younger audience I hope it engages their imagination with the aspect of growing and the magic of the reindeer poo and then the ending highlights the importance of sharing and being truthful.

All of this is told in a fun and colourful way. The rhymes are quite simple and will be easy for children to remember and join in with, so this brings a new element to my series.

So keep watching my blog and Facebook page for the new images and more information of the release date of the book " Pippin and his Spectacular Magical Vegetables"