Sharing the love of books with your children.

As a Mum, my love of books, stories and sharing a world of fantasy has become more and more important to me as my children have got older and therefore been able to take more from the stories that we share with each other.

I love to read a paragraph and then let my children read the next paragraph, therefore sharing the excitement of the developing story. Teaching my children to pause at a full stop, give emphasis to an explanation mark and creating voices when the characters talk, has given me so much pleasure. All of these things build and strengthen the bond I have with my children and for their love of books.

I never would have guessed how much books would build such a special bond between a Mother and her children, making bedtime a special time and one to look forward to, rather than a time of anxiety, when you leave your children on their own.

It has been a pleasure to be able to write childrens books that are being shared at bedtimes all across the UK.