World Book Day- A Celebration of Books

I hadn't realised that it had been over 5 months since my last Blog!! Even though these lockdowns seem to create time, I have been so busy keeping up with Home schooling  and all the general day to day stuff time seems to have flown by!!

So here we are at World Book Day again. Last year I was actually planning my next book launch, thinking about locations, getting ideas for new workshops and then the pandemic hit and put pay to all of my plans. This is the same for so many people, life has been put on hold. However, this time staying at home, away from family and friends has certainly given us all time to reflect on past events and experiences and to think about what matters to us, what has got us through those bad days, those moments when the thought of even popping to the shops seemed quite a difficult task to complete.
So what got me through, well the thought of things to come, new possibilities and ideas and of course the last thing that popped out of Pandora's Box - Hope!!! That small little light in the back of your mind that makes you realise that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that life is actually too short to waste!!
My books have given me that little bit of light, that little glimmer of hope that there is always a new chapter, a new beginning and new story to emerge.
So, as I sit here with my close family around me I celebrate all those stories we have shared at bed times and just sitting on the sofa during the day. That little bit of escapism that takes you to a new world, brings excitement and adventure into your day to break it up. So I want to celebrate books and all they can do for us young and old and how they have definelty helped us survive this last year and bring that bit of light  into our lives!!!