"Teezel and The Christmas Witches"

This exciting, colourful adventure of, "Teezel and the Christmas Witches," follows the Christmas tale of Teezel the Tinsel-Tailed cat, Amy the Christmas Witch and all of their friends. They all work together to help tidy up after Santa as he delivers his presents on Christmas Eve. 

"What happens to the reindeer? Why does Santa need help? and will Christmas be delivered on time? This is a magical adventure of excitement and fun, perfect for any young child. Find out how they help Santa deliver the perfect Christmas!"

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"Pippin and His Spectacular Magical Vegetables"

The second book in this series, "Pippin and His Spectacular Magical Vegetables," follows the adventures of Pippin the magical Tinsel Tailed cat and Gracie the Christmas Witch, who grow "Spectacular Vegetables" and always win the Trophy.

" What secret ingredient do they use? Who steals their vegetables ? How do they prove the winning vegetables are theirs? Come along and find out what happens and enjoy this exciting tale. Experience the Magic of Planting and Growing with Pippin and Gracie and meet some other wonderful characters along the way!!!"

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"Sooty and His Magical Recycling Emporium"

The third book in this series is called "Sooty and his Magical Recycling Emporium." It follows the magical adventures of Sooty the magical Tinsel Tailed cat and Clara the Christmas Witch.

" Do you Love the Magic of Recycling? How does Sooty the Magical Tinsel-Tailed cat and Clara the extraordinary Christmas witch, manage to recycle every item they have SO well? What will happen to Wizard Templar the Halloween Wizard, when they try and find out what the secret is? Come along on this Magical adventure of discovery and join in the fun!!!"

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